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Caution to those who have symptoms such as fever, cough, sputum, etc.

If you have any of the following experiences or symptoms, please call 095-801-1712(Nagasaki Public Health Center) and follow their instructions BEFORE VISITING US.

1) You had contact with a known or possible COVID-19 case.
2 ) You traveled outside of Nagasaki Prefecture in the last 14 days.
3) You have had fever higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius for more than 4 days, severe weariness, shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, loss of sense of taste or smell.
4 ) You have had fever higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius, and you have some underlying disease(s) such as diabetes, heart disease, respiratory disease. kidney disease and/or are undergoing dialysis or cancer treatments.